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Camping Le Pommier

Your advantages at 5 star camping Le Pommier in Villeneuve de Berg

  • Aquaparc Ardèche - a huge slide, play, chill and pool park.
  • Age-appropriate entertainment, pony riding, and many ball sports fields.
  • Family-friendly and typical cuisine, supermarket, wine shop, bar and lots of ambience.
  • Large pitches, mobile homes, and glamping lodges.
  • Mountain biking, hiking, quad biking, wine tasting...
  • Paddling on the spot - or canoeing through the Ardèche gorge (only 20 minutes away).

What we especially recommend (besides the countless water slides)

  • For the kids: the playhouse of "Luc & Lilly" - here the young guests can get to know other children quickly, paint, do handicrafts, dance...
  • For those who appreciate a pinch of adrenaline: are there 30 or 40 meters of air underneath you? Either way you’ll be safely rushing by on the rope across the rocky gorge.
  • For those who have really worked up an appetite after so much action there’s local steak, fish, mushroom and game cuisine with lots of herbs, pizza or chips, wafer-thin crêpes with even thicker nougat cream on top - or a large, colourful and sweet ice cream selection in the "Exclusif" on Camping Le Pommier.

Much more than canoeing and the southern French way of life at Le Pommier, try the "5 star apple tree" with loads of ultra long water slides

"Ready to board!" the pool kids' call sounds when they conquer the big play ship in the pirate pool. "That's high!" comes the call of mum or dad when the children take them on the mega slides. And then you can all slide down daringly together.

"Wow, that's fast!!! Can my swimming trunks take it?"

The CampingDreams team knows of hardly any other campsite in southern France where there are so many multi-sided and such fast slides. Whether you let yourself slide into the hand of a giant fan that pulls you down into the splashing waves. Or whether you dare to take the innumerable curves of the curl slide, or grab a slide tyre and lay down with it into the curve with "full speed"... We can't describe all this in mere words, you just have to book it and try it out...

Wow, that was a (or actually quite a few) sliding adventure(s)...

Would you like to relax at the pool bar afterwards? Or hang out in the pool Tropicana and then swim or crawl some lanes in the sports pool? If you prefer to stroke the mane’s of good-natured ponies while your kids sit proudly on the friendly furry pals, then join us on our little riding trip. Railway nostalgics and families with children can sit down on the slow train, which chugs over the 5-star Le Pommier campsite. In this way you can get to know the 70 hectare park in a very comfortable way. The cosy glamping lodges on large pitches or the modern mobile homes you surely already know, right? Maybe because you have already chosen them as your holiday accommodation?

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Domaine le Pommier