Alannia Els Prats

On the campsite

Camping Alannia Els Prats

Camping Alannia Els Prats

  • Pool area under palm trees, with artificial rock and slide mountain.
  • Ideal for families with small or medium-sized children.
  • Ball sports, mountain biking and racing bike events.
  • Park with lots of lawn, with attractive planted parking spaces, and luxury bungalows.
  • PortAventura and Ferrari Country Nearby.

Our tips for parents and kids

  • So big, so small: The blue giraffe in the children's bathing area looks over protectively and kindly at your kids that they might even dare to slide down from the mini slide opposite. The bigger water slide pros can take the wide trough slide to throw themselves hand in hand into the surf.
  • The beach promenade Paseo Marítimo in Cambrils - almost 5 miles for walkers, joggers, inline skaters, segway drivers, shopping queens, and ice cream café explorers.
  • Church instead of lighthouse - the St. Ramon chapel is enthroned on an almost 300 meter high mountain in Mont-Roig. For centuries it has served as an orientation aid for the captains at sea.

Beach holidays for families and couples

You will reach Camping Alannia Els Prats on the Golden Coast, the Costa Dorada, not far from Cambrils, the Roman city of Tarragona and Mont-Roig del Camp. Artists like Joan Miró were inspired by the region for their colourful, imaginative paintings. It’s no wonder, since the lush green of the subtropical vegetation and the vines, the golden yellow of the sandy beaches, and the azure blue of the sea meet directly here. Guided mountain bike tours lead to the hilly hinterland - the 68 miles of trails offer different degrees of difficulty.

The family campsite Alannia Els Prats is situated by the sea...

... ideal for small and large bathing holidaymakers, for catamaran sailors or holidaymakers who want to learn new things in the sailing school on site. If you want to plough through the waves with your own power, you can rent a beach kayak or paddle on the back-friendly SUP board. For the little ones, the entertainment team games and handicrafts can be invented. For the big ones or the whole family there are theme games, shows, and music events in the evenings.

3 pools, 3 restaurants, 2 pool slides and 1 beach, miles long

All that's missing is her, right? You can camp with your own equipment or rent luxury accommodation. This means that the journey with light luggage is very easy. You might also get a low-cost flight to Reus (12 miles) or Barcelona (62 miles). The rented cars are cheap, or you can reserve the Reus-Airport Shuttle from Camping Els Prats, for about 60 Euro for 4 persons.

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