Amadria Park Camping Sibenik

On the campsite

Solaris Camping Beach Resort

Exists in the most beautiful time of the year at the most beautiful "not only pebble but also sand beach" in Croatia

  • Bars, pools, beach, and spa - enjoy your Solaris time.
  • Sport for everyone from basketball to volleyball.
  • Wonderful water fun for the whole family in Aquapark Solaris. (against payment)
  • A party location you won't soon forget - the en vogue beach club.
  • Please indulge yourself with: shopping, wellness, and beauty care at Solaris Beach Resort.
  • Let the kids have fun: age-appropriate entertainment and care programmes for children and adults.

Our tips for your holiday

  • Not necessarily an absolutely secret tip, but quite unique. The Solaris Sand Beach is the only sandy beach far and wide and reserved just for you.
  • Don’t forget: an excursion to the nearby Krka National Park, unforgettable: a swim at the famous Krka waterfalls.
  • Here you feel like a God/Goddess in Croatia: excellent food in Konoba Nostalgija, Biskupa Fosca 11, in nearby Šibenik.

Solaris Beach: 2.5 miles of beach from pebble to sand

The Solaris beaches are open to you: including the ’solaris sand’-, ‘club’-, ‘spa’-, ‘family’- and ‘camping’-beaches. A special theme for each area. An ideal place for your vacation with the whole family. The emphasis is on ‘whole’ family, because also your four-legged family members are welcome here in special ranges.

The Dalmatian Village - tradition as an attraction

In the Amadria Park Dalmatian Ethno Village you will experience a journey back in time. Here you will experience the Dalmatian way of life in a historical ambience as it was a hundred years ago. Try the homemade bread, still oven warm and fresh and the fish specialities from the charcoal grill. Finally homemade raw ham with cheese - simple, but tasty. In the Dalmatian village there is even more to discover and to shop! Maybe a homemade souvenir? An original loom is ready for you.

It’s all about good food and sweet dreams that melt on the tongue

You don't have to starve at Solaris Camping Beach Resort. Various restaurants take care of your physical well-being with light, mediterranean cuisine and hearty steaks. The sugar sweet crowning glory: the Sweet Dreams CakeHouse. The Solaris confectioners conjure up fresh ice cream, doughnuts, croissants every day and such delicious cakes...

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