Camping Terme Catez

On the campsite

Camping Terme Catez

Bathing, slip sliding, and wellness nonstop

  • One of the largest pool worlds in Southeastern Europe.
  • Enjoy ball sports, bowling, or sauna and thermal bath.
  • Children's games and adventures in the Indian village or with the pirates.
  • Wine walks and culinary delights.

Our tips for your holidays at Terme Catez

  • Surfing on the Megawave (indoor).
  • On the Lazy River past the castle.
  • Descend into the stalactite caves of Postojna.

Who can count the water slides?

We couldn't do it. There are so many possibilities at Terme Catez to dive into the refreshing thermal water. Whether fast and steep, whether almost ninety meters long and curvy like a spiral spring... whether in the dark with magic lights like in the laser disco, whether alone and fast like a flash or hand in hand on the wide trough slide...whether for courageous teens and their parents (we will see about that?) or for the very young...Terme Catez is simply a slide paradise. And of course you can also swim lanes, sweat in the saunas or relax. For example in the whirlpools or the generously designed lounging areas.

Although the dwarf Catez knew that a paradise for family holidays would once arise here?

And let’s be honest,one of the most popular in Slovenia. Legend has it that Kobold Catez once discovered the beneficial thermal springs here. The mild climate and the many indoor swimming and play facilities make Terme Catez an ideal destination for the early and late seasons.

If you want to take a break from bathing...

... then let us spoil you in the restaurant with Balkan and Mediterranean specialities. Excursions to the Slovenian wine and hiking regions, to the Adriatic coast or to the nearby capital of Croatia, Zagreb, round off the offer. And for those who are not satisfied with the racing slide: your kids will become racing drivers on the children's go kart track! Discover the many accommodation offers via CampingDreamsat Terme Catez. They are as creative as they are comfortable. Whether it’s an native American style tipi, Glamping Lodge, family apartment, mobile home or camping site - here you slip into a vacation full of water fun and experiences!

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