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Holiday in the green heart of Italy - hiking, enjoyment, and lots of relaxation

  • Whoever likes Tuscany will love Umbria!
  • Enjoy rural flair and lots of nature on campsites in Umbria.
  • Awe at Gothic and Renaissance buildings in Orvieto and Perugia

Umbria lies between Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany. Umbria is in no way inferior to its Tuscan neighbours in terms of scenic beauty and cultural wealth. You can rent a mobile home, for example at Lago Trasimeno. Italy's fourth largest lake is popular with bathers and boaters. It is surrounded by vineyards and mountain ranges that invite you to go hiking. The highest mountain is the Cima del Redentore with almost 2500 meters. For thousands of years many peoples have used the fertile land of Umbria and left impressive traces, such as the Etruscans, Romans, and the builders of the Gothic cathedral of Orvieto. In the cathedral of the capital Perugia visitors marvel at the alleged "engagement ring" of St. Mary. In the Middle Ages, a war almost broke out with Tuscan cities over this jewel entwined with legends.

In Umbria enjoy the real Italian country life

Camping flair and vacation on the farm - this combination is possible on the Agricampeggio-places in Umbria. Some campsite operators cultivate olives and wine, keep goats, horses, pigs, or sheep and offer regional cheese delicacies, salami, honey and more. To taste the traditional food and Umbrian wines, it is best to visit an atmospheric "Sagra", one of the small folk festivals in summer. Or you can indulge in pasta, game or mushroom dishes in the camping restaurants. A sweet and popular souvenir with lots of nougat are the "kisses from Perugia", the Baci Perugina! But be sure to put them first in the fridge of your mobile home in Umbria so they don't melt away. Because in Umbria there is usually pool and bathing weather during the camping season!

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