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Camping Stobreč Split is a 4-star campsite where you will find everything you need for a pleasant holiday in harmony with nature, culture and fun.

Camping Stobreč Split is located in the Stobreč district of the city of Split. Not sure why you should choose Camping Stobreč Split as your camping destination? There are some important differences that make our campsite your best choice. It is the closest campsite to Split, the administrative and cultural centre of the Dalmatian region, and it is located directly on the protected Adriatic coast.

The distance between Camping Stobreč Split and the historical centre of Split, Diocletian's Palace, is 7 km, and the same distance to the archaeological complex of Salona. The campsite is located in a green oasis surrounded by the sea on two sides and the mouth of the Žrnovnica River on the third. Even on the hottest days, a mild and refreshing breeze blows at the campsite, because it is located on a peninsula, near the river Žrnovnica and the dense forest, which provides a lot of shade.

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