Aminess Maravea Camping Resort

On the campsite

Camping Aminess Mareva

Many advantages for your holidays on the coast of Istria

  • Bathing beaches and many water sports opportunities
  • Artificial turf pitch for large and small footballers
  • Age-appropriate children's entertainment and teens club
  • Restaurant with terrace and bars, shopping facilities, Wi-Fi
  • Excursions to Rovinj, the Roman city of Pula, to the ghost town of Dvigrad or by boat from Fazana through the Limski Fjord
  • Around 120 elegant rental accommodations and 700 parking spaces

Our tips for your holiday at Aminess Park Mareva

  • Anything but dull: Marvel at the stone artworks in the "Lapidarium" in Novigrad
  • Anything but slow: jet-skiing over the Adriatic waves or paddling with a sea kayak into the small and shallow bays
  • Anything other than expected: The Austro-Hungarian Empire, whose "imperial and royal" multi-ethnic state once stretched as far as Istria, had a "k.u.k." (imperial and royal) state Navy. The museum in Novigrad reminds guests of this once majestic monarchy
  • Anything other than the name might suggest: Novigrad (Cittanova) is called "New City", but has a charming old town, flanked by water on a peninsula

Adriatic holiday at the Campingpark Aminess Mareva

Ideal for beach holidaymakers, windsurfers, and families with children: Camping Aminess Mareva is located directly by the turquoise blue sea. Here you can snorkel, splash around and chill in the clean water to your heart's content. Maybe you also want to pedal? Rent a bicycle or pedal boat at Camping Aminess Mareda.

Sweet or salty?

This is not only true for the choice of mediterranean delicacies in the Riva-Restaurant on Camping Aminess Mareda, but also for swimming. From the elegantly designed salt water bath you can look out upon the Adriatic Sea. In the fresh water pool your partner can keep the kids entertained while you enjoy a cool drink at the Maslina- or Mar-Bar.

Small children or teens? All will be kept well entertained

Child and youth care is appropriate to age and divided into three levels: The Mirami Club offers a colourful handicraft, painting and play programme for kids from 4 to 8. Holidaymakers between 8 and 12 years and teenagers up to 18 also have their own area. Professional caretakers also provide fun for the whole family: Relax at sports events, creative workshops, or look forward to evening shows, dancing, and music. And who dares to go on the karaoke stage? Or just enjoy the mild evening under the open sky. On your pitch for example, or on the veranda of the luxury camping bungalows with sea views...

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